TED 2017 Livestream in Bloomington

Join us from 5:15-7PM at Avers on the EastSide (on College Mall Road) on Thursday, April 27th to watch a livestream from this year’s TED conference in Vancouver.


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It’s All About Love

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 8.58.01 PM

Join us on Tuesday, February 14th

from 6:30-8PM

to view videos and discuss TED talks

that touch in different ways on the topic of love.

Monroe County Public Library, Room 1B

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Join us December 13th for “A few of our favorite things”


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Join us for TED Tuesdays


Join us on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8PM at the Monroe County Public Library to watch and discuss great TED Talks on a variety of topics. Each month we’ll focus on a different theme and everyone is welcome to come and join in on the thought-provoking (and hopefully fun!) conversation. For more information, or to suggest a topic for an upcoming month, email: jennifer@tedxbloomington.org.

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Join us for an evening of TED talks and engaging discussion


Join us on September 29th, 2015 from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Monroe County Public Library, Room 1C for a FREE, interactive program that will explore the elements and qualities of a well-told story.

Reserve your spot: http://tinyurl.com/txbstory

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TEDxBloomington 2014 speaker Christy Hegarty featured on PBS’s Frontline, “Growing up Trans”.

On Tuesday, June 30th, PBS’s Frontline is airing a program called “Growing up Trans” that features TEDxBloomington 2014 speaker, Christy Hegarty and her family’s story.
In conjunction with her appearance at TEDxBloomingtonWomen last month, Christy shared the following updates: ” It has been a pivotal year for the transgender community. There has been so much momentum regarding policy changes and overall education and exposure. My TEDx talk was a very small part in the movement but I do know that it has been helping many people to start conversations and awareness around acceptance. I do my best to reach out as often as I can and take part in activities in my community, in order to educate and advocate for the LGBQT community. I continue to be so grateful to everyone that has made it possible for my child to live her life just like any other typical child. We hope to get more involved in helping to educate the New Hampshire legislature and continue to work towards creating equal rights for all throughout our country.”

Watch Christy’s TEDx talk: https://youtu.be/TFL8yEql-GU and check your local PBS listings for broadcast details on the Frontline program.

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Join us for TEDxBloomingtonWomen

May 28th, 5:30-8:30PM
Monroe County Public Library Auditorium

On Thursday, May 28th we’ll be streaming talks from the TEDWomen 2015 Conference happening concurrently in Monterey, California. In addition to watching talks from this year’s TEDWomen Conference, attendees will hear updates from TEDxBloomington speakers whose talks have helped to spark various forms of momentum within our local community. We hope that you’ll be able to join us for this Free event!



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Upcoming TEDx Events

Need a TEDx fix this fall? Check out these upcoming events nearby:

TEDxCincinnati – October 16th


TEDxIndianapolis – October 21st


TEDxLafayette – November 22nd


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Watch the TEDxBloomington 2014 Speaker Videos

June 13, 2014 – Want to relive the magic of TEDxBloomington 2014 ‘What Goes ‘Round’ or miss out on the day? You can now watch a particular speaker again or catch a talk you’ve heard about.

Want to learn more about each speaker? Visit www.tedxbloomington.com/speakers2014

In order of appearance:

Queen of Sheba : Salaam at TEDxBloomington
Illness has no poker face : Jeffrey Kline at TEDxBloomington
The power of better questions : Christian Briggs at TEDxBloomington
From the Trash to the Runway: Creative Reuse : Jeanne Leimkuhler at TEDxBloomington
We are all shapers of stone : Amy Brier at TEDxBloomington
Sexuality & Gender: Straight & Narrow or Round & Bouncy? : Danielle McClelland at TEDxBloomington
Unconditional Love: Journey with Our Transgender Child : Christy Hegarty at TEDxBloomington
Aerial Art Performance: Flight Club at TEDxBloomington
A community safety net to prevent rampage shootings : Bernice Pescosolido at TEDxBloomington
Immigration is a gift to us all : Kathy Wills at TEDxBloomington
In the Ring, Led by the Ring, or Ringing the Bell : David Quick at TEDxBloomington
Building more than homes : Chris Reinhart at TEDxBloomington
See Like an Artist, Think Like a Designer, Feel Like a Human : T. Kelly Wilson at TEDxBloomington
The Kitchen of Tomorrow-er : Mike Flaherty at TEDxBloomington
Why Don’t People Conserve Energy and Water? : Shahzeen Attari at TEDxBloomington
Renewable Energy from a Different Perspective : Jeremy Shere at TEDxBloomington
Forever and the Nature of Time : Christian Freitag at TEDxBloomingto
Written in Memory : Jeffrey Wolin at TEDxBloomington
Talking Justice: Using Words and Voice to Make Change : Marybeth Gasman at TEDxBloomington
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Sigma Play invites TEDxBloomington Fans and Offers Discount

May 2, 2014

We know TEDxBloomington fans tend to be playful and creative folks – especially those who attended the first TEDxBloomington event: The Wisdom of Play in 2011 (weren’t able to attend that event? Check out the videos here. With that in mind the creators of Sigma Play, a new conference for game designers and game enthusiasts, taking place in Bloomington May 23rd-24th at the convention center,  want to invite you and offer you a code for $10 off your conference registration if you use the code TEDX2014 or use the following link: http://www.eventbee.com/v/sigmaplay2014/discount?code=TEDX2014

One more added bonus for TEDxBloomington attendees and fans: among the great line-up of speakers and presenters for the inaugural Sigma Play conference, is Sarah Smith-Robbins, our awesome TEDxBloomington emcee.  If you didn’t get your fill of Sarah’s witty humor and insights between speakers at TEDxBloomington 2014, come spend a couple hours in her workshop on Alternate Reality Games.

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