2013 TEDxBloomington – “Jump In” Videos

Cameray Boyden – A Journey in My Jordans

Malke Rosenfeld – Jump Into Math!

Drew Ramsey – A Brain Food Prescription from the Farmacy

Darryl Neher – We Need to Talk about Depression

Denny Morrison – No Health Without Mental Health

Debby Herbenick – Making Sex Normal

Daniel Evans – I Fell

Laurie Burns McRobbie – Technology for Social Good

Bob Einterz – A Case Study in Global Health

Eric Deggans – How to Talk about Race

Kelly McBride – Want It? Make It Happen

Ryan Germick – How I Became a Google Doodler

Saya Hillman – How to design a life of yes!

Emily Ward – Women with will

Katy Borner – Maps & Macroscopes: Gaining Insights from BIG Data

Marlys Witte – A Curriculum on Medical Ignorance

Larry Singell – Who Becomes a Leader? (It Could Be You)

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