Seth Frey

Seth Frey is a student of community and cooperation––on the ground, in the ivory tower, and everywhere in between.  On the ground he has devoted himself to the cooperative movement, developing member-owned enterprises both locally and nationally.  Academically, he combines network science, economics, and psychology in online experiments of collective behavior.

Seth studied cognitive neuroscience at UC Berkeley before shifting focus to social systems.  Baffled by how poorly the sciences of society model cooperation, he spent two years at a complex systems think-tank in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and came to Bloomington to study cooperation and collective action in IU’s Cognitive Science and Complex Systems programs.  He is currently training with the support of the National Science Foundation.

In parallel with his studies he is a community organizer, focusing on business models that empower people. He is a founder of Bloomington Cooperative Living, a local member-owned housing co-op.  He is an advisor to the ambitious Bloomington Cooperative Plots Eco-Village.  He serves the cooperative movement nationally on the NASCO Development Services board.  He is also the executive director of Littlebigbang Inc, a small project at the frontiers of charitable giving.  He loves people’s fascinations (peculiar or not), and fixing things (broken or not).

What does ‘The Wisdom of Play’ mean to you?
The wisdom of play is the glory of making lots and lots of mistakes.

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