2014 What Goes ‘Round Speakers

Jeffrey_Kline_150x150Jeffrey Kline

Illness has no poker face : Jeffrey Kline at TEDxBloomington

Vice Chair of Research, Department of Emergency Medicine, and Professor of Physiology with the Indiana University School of Medicine

Jeffrey Kline is an emergency physician and researcher at Indiana University’s School of Medicine, and member of The National Blood Clot Association’s medical advisory board. While studying blood clots – and the people who have them and diagnose them – Kline has specialized in breath-based and facial diagnosis methods to assess the severity of pulmonary embolism. He has submitted patents for 16 medical devices and cofounded BreathQuant Medical Systems Inc., to help bring these devices to the market.

Pulmonary embolism is the third leading cause of cardiovascular death and second leading cause of sudden death in the nation. Due to these steep statistics, Kline says physicians consequently over-test patients. At TEDxBloomington, he will discuss the idea that all people have the ability to see sickness on other human faces, a skill that physicians are not yet using to the fullest potential to reduce unnecessary testing and better connect with patients.

Christian Briggs

The power of better questions : Christian Briggs at TEDxBloomington


Co-Founder of SociaLens and Ph.D. Candidate at Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing

Briggs is co-founder of Choir, part of the Million Skills Project, that provides an online community for people to learn from mentors and increase their digital fluency. Christian’s research seeks to apply Nobel Prize-winner Elinor Ostrom’s Social-Ecological Systems (SES) framework to organizations, focusing on the role of digital technology in collective action. He co-authored Digital Fluency: Building Success in the Digital Age. Christian has previously worked in creative, management, and consultative roles for Palladium Group, Ziff Davis Interactive, Surfwatch, Walt Disney Imagineering, One to One Interactive and Walmart.

In the midst of our accelerating digital lives, we often seek gurus and researchers for answers. At TEDxBloomington, Christian will explore the idea that “everyday mentors” – ordinary people developing expertise in practice – hold untapped knowledge, and that digital-age progress hinges on how well we learn from these ordinary people.

Leimkuhler_150x150Jeanne Leimkuhler

From the Trash to the Runway: Creative Reuse : Jeanne Leimkuhler at TEDxBloomington

Founder of the Trashion Refashion Show and CoFounder of Discardia

Jeanne founded the Trashion Refashion Show, a benefit for the Center for Sustainable Living and is a co-founder of Discardia, a non-profit group that educates the public on how to make items from recycled materials. Jeanne is also a steering committee member for the Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) and a board member of the Center for Sustainable Living. Pursuing both creative and mechanical interests, Jeanne received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Kent State University and an M.A. in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University. She currently is an Art Preparator at the Indiana University Art Museum, where she also leads their green team..

At TEDxBloomington, she will be speaking about Creative Reuse, including her theory that engaging in creative reuse projects activates a problem-solving part of the brain that could help discover ways to deal with major environmental problems.

Brier_150x150Amy Brier

We are all shapers of stone : Amy Brier at TEDxBloomington

Founder of the Indiana Limestone Symposium & Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Ivy Tech-Bloomington.

Amy Brier enjoys a lifelong interest in the arts, resulting in a BFA and a MFA in sculpture and an appreciation of the relationship between sculpture and architecture. She is the founder and director of the Indiana Limestone Sculpture Symposium which has been internationally recognized and has brought artists from around the world to Indiana. Her work can be found on the Indiana University campus, in New York City, and in private and corporate collections. Brier experiments in a form of interactive sculpture called roliquery that includes rolling a spherical artwork in sand to create an abstract pattern.

Amy’s goal for TEDxBloomington is to give her audience new ways to look at and think about local limestone. She will discuss Indiana limestone as part of our cultural and geologic memory, explore the life energy contained in the stone, and share her personal relationship with the stone.



Danielle McClelland

Sexuality & Gender: Straight & Narrow or Round & Bouncy? : Danielle McClelland at TEDxBloomington

Executive Director of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and founder of the Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival

Danielle McClelland’s twenty years of work in the arts as a playwright, director, and administrator has been augmented by time as professional cook, organic field hand, and union organizer. Danielle has written and produced two short films and is currently in development on a feature length screenplay set in Bloomington. Ze has presented hir one-person show, the girl stories, in cities from New York to Portland.  In hir spare time, ze serves as the Executive Director of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, and founded and produced the PRIDE Film Festival for ten years.

At TEDxBloomington, Danielle will share her belief that our sexual and gender identity are not fixed, but flexible and responsive to others. Ze believes we each position ourselves sexually and to consciously embrace the process gives us all more freedom and ultimately, more power to live fulfilling lives.


Christy Hull Hegarty

Unconditional Love: Journey with Our Transgender Child : Christy Hegarty at TEDxBloomington

Artist and advocate for parents of transgender children

Christy Hull Hegarty describes her art as a great ‘side gig’ to her most important job, being a mom. In pursuit of a degree in studio art and education, Hegarty graduated with a B.A. from Denison University, where she met her husband Boyd, a Bloomington native. After living around the country and working as an elementary school art teacher, her growing family moved to Bloomington. Here she began studying at the John Waldron Arts Center and discovered a passion for oil painting. Christy currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband, three children, a golden retriever, and 9 chickens.

Through her own parenting experience, Christy has become an advocate for families with transgender children. During her talk at TEDxBloomington, Christy will share what she has learned as the mother of a transgender child. She will explore the concept that we should be able to accept that our children may be different than we expect them to be and that we should not be afraid to allow them to express themselves.  She will challenge us to consider the idea that human evolution is more about being human than it is about being a gender and the important role acceptance plays in our evolving world.


T. Kelly WilsonTEDxBloomington Speaker T. Kelly Wilson

See Like an Artist, Think Like a Designer, Feel Like a Human : T. Kelly Wilson at TEDxBloomington

Director of the Indiana University Center for Art and Design in Columbus

An artist and architect, T. Kelly Wilson currently serves as the Director of the Indiana University Center for Art and Design in Columbus. A tenured associate professor in the IU Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design, he has recently been twice awarded the Paul Rudolph Fellowship at Auburn University. Kelly held an Associate Professorship at Harvard Graduate School of Design where he taught design, visual studies and co-directed the Harvard Rome Program. His drawings and paintings are shown in New York and in Boston. Wilson is also a principle of 3HG+, an architectural and urban design practice involved with international urban projects.

At TEDxBloomington. Kelly will explore the relationship between art and design.

Chris_Reinhart_150x150Chris Reinhart

Building more than homes : Chris Reinhart at TEDxBloomington

Architectural Lead for Open Source Ecology

Chris Reinhart is designer, builder, and educator who specializes in socially and environmentally responsible building projects. His work has been featured in natural building journals and books, and he has spoken extensively around Indiana on natural building. After a decade-long sabbatical from academia to explore hands-on work, he graduated summa cum laude from Ball State University with a B.A. in Architecture, where the Indiana Architectural Foundation honored him with four Pinnacles of Excellence awards for his design/build and research work. Chris lives with his twelve-year-old son in an experimental home of natural and salvaged materials in southern Indiana.

At TEDxBloomington, Chris will share his vision for re-imagining barn-raising for the 21st century using open source industrial equipment and extreme manufacturing. He wants to help swarms of people work together to parallel process prefabricated modules and quickly assemble tiny homes that are beautiful, affordable, and sustainable.

Jeremy ShereJeremyShere_150x

Renewable Energy from a Different Perspective : Jeremy Shere at TEDxBloomington

Writer and author of Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy

An award-winner writer, editor, and producer, Jeremy Shere has more than a decade of experience producing content for print, web, radio, and television, including A Moment of ScienceSound MedicineEarthSkyMatter Network, Reuters, and WTIU. Jeremy holds a Ph.D. in Literature and teaches writing at the IU Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. His new book, Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy, an in-depth look at the surprisingly long history of alternative energy sources and the best options for future sources of renewable energy, was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2013.

Jeremy Shere will explore how investigating the history of renewable energy is vital for understanding and improving the energy landscape today and in the future.


Shahzeen Attari

Why Don’t People Conserve Energy and Water? : Shahzeen Attari at TEDxBloomington


Assistant professor at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Shahzeen Attari’s research focuses on the psychology of resource consumption. She works to understand how people think about their use resources and what factors motivate conservation of electricity and water. Her paper entitled “Public perceptions of energy consumption and savings” published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences saw attention from mainstream media outlets, including The Economist, New York Times, CNN, and BBC. She holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering & Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University, and a B.S. in Engineering Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

While at TEDxBloomington, Shahzeen will bring to light common misperceptions about the amount of energy and water use in daily activities.


Christian-Freitag_150x150Christian Freitag

Forever and the Nature of Time : Christian Freitag at TEDxBloomington

Executive Director of the Sycamore Land Trust

Christian Freitag was born and raised in northwestern Indiana near the shores of Lake Michigan. Christian holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, a law degree from the IU Maurer School of Law, and a Ph.D. from the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. His experience includes working with the Powder River Basin Resource Council, the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, and the Indiana Supreme Court. Selected as a National Fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program, Christian has also been recognized as a Distinguished Hoosier by Governor Mitch Daniels.

At TEDxBloomington, Christian will challenge us to rethink perpetuity by embracing a new land ethic that includes a different scale of time.

Jeffrey WolinWolinPortrait_150x

Written in Memory : Jeffrey Wolin at TEDxBloomington

Professor of Photography at Indiana University School of Fine Arts

Jeffrey A. Wolin is Ruth N. Halls Professor of Photography at Indiana University School of Fine Arts, where he served as Director from 1994-2002. He has been awarded two Visual Artist Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship for his photographs with text. His work, “Written in Memory: Portraits of the Holocaust,” “Inconvenient Stories: Vietnam War Veterans” and “New Faces at the Crossroads: The World in Central Indiana,” includes a unique blend of images and stories about people. His work has been exhibited in over 75 solo and group shows in the US and Europe.

At TEDxBloomington, Jeffrey plans to speak on a series of portraits he took of residents living in the Bloomington Pigeon Hill neighborhood during the late 80s-early 90s following the murder of an IU graduate student living there and again in 2010-2012 following the murder of former Pigeon Hill resident Crystal Grubb.


Listen to WFIU Artworks story: Living To Tell The Tale: Pigeon Hill, Then And Now

Marybeth Gasman

Talking Justice: Using Words and Voice to Make Change : Marybeth Gasman at TEDxBloomington

TEDxBloomington 2014 Speaker - Marybeth Gasman

Director of the Penn Center for Minority-Serving Institutions

Marybeth Gasman is Professor of Higher Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  She also serves as the Director of the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), which is focused on empowering both MSIs and those scholars that do research related to them.  Marybeth is the author of 18 books and hundreds of articles and opinion pieces pertaining to American higher education.  She is a regular contributor to The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Huffington Post, National Public Radio, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. 

At TEDxBloomington, Marybeth will urge us to find commonalities to ease bias and prejudice, to stand up for others, and push back against daily injustice.



Bernice Pescosolido

A community safety net to prevent rampage shootings : Bernice Pescosolido at TEDxBloomington

Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Indiana University and Director of the Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research

Bernice Pescosolido’s research and teaching focus on how “the social” shapes health, illness, and healing.  In particular, she targets how social networks connect individuals to their communities and to institutional structures, providing the real, but invisible, wires through which people’s attitudes and actions are influenced. Pescosolido led a team of researchers on a series of national and international stigma studies including the first U.S national study in 40 years, the first national study of children’s mental health, and the first global study of 16 countries. She works closely with Glenn Close’s Bring Change 2 Mind Foundation, The Carter Center, and Vice President Biden’s office.

Bernice’s TEDxBloomington talk will focus on the mass shootings that have captured the sustained attention of politicians, educators, health care providers, and the public. While they seem random, there are patterned regularities to these events that tend to be ignored in favor of two major responses – gun control and provision of mental health services.

David Quick

In the Ring, Led by the Ring, or Ringing the Bell : David Quick at TEDxBloomington

2014 TEDxBloomington Speaker - Dave Quick

CEO Coach & Chair of CEO Advisory Groups for Vistage International

David Quick is committed to “helping bulls thrive in china shops” by helping people who run companies work fewer hours, be significantly more successful, and build stronger personal relationships. After receiving his BS in mathematics from the United States Naval Academy, David served eight years active duty as a Surface Warfare Officer. He also holds a MA in education from Loyola University and attended the London Business School Executive Leadership Program. David is a former CEO and has more than 20 years experience in the medical diagnostic marketplace, working for companies including Bayer Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer-Mannheim and Roche Diagnostics Corporation.

On stage at TEDxBloomington, David will discuss how we each are “in the ring, led by the ring, or ringing the bell.” David believes that Ringing the Bell moments are everywhere, if we are present enough to see them.

Kathy WillsPhoto of speaker Katerina Wills

Immigration is a gift to us all : Kathy Wills at TEDxBloomington

Associate Professor in English and Director of English Program at Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus

Kathy has has co-edited three collections, including the award-winning Critical Power Tools: Technical Communication and Cultural Studies (with B. Scott and B. Longo 2006) for Best New Collection in Technical and Scientific Writing by National Council of Teachers of English. Her research and teaching areas include international writing research and the literature of diaspora. In 2013, she was invited to facilitate a workshop at the Moscow State University 16th Annual Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities in Moscow, Russia.

Her TEDxBloomington talk will reflect upon the idea that immigration offers many gifts.

Mike FlahertyMike Flaherty

The Kitchen of Tomorrow-er : Mike Flaherty at TEDxBloomington

Interaction Designer & Marketing Specialist

Mike Flaherty is a technologist, self-appointed historian and futurist, obsessed with the power of simple images and symbolic communication. As a creative designer, Mike seeks ways to bypass the differences we all hold dear and connect with the deeper things we forget we still have in common, such as dirty dishes and our desire to avoid doing them.

At TEDxBloomington Mike will be encouraging people to think more creatively about their relationship with home appliances.

Sarah Smith-Robbins


Dr. Sarah “Intellagirl” Smith-Robbins is the Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at Kelley Executive Partners at Indiana University. She is also a member of the Marketing faculty at the Kelley School of Business, where she teaches digital and social media marketing courses. She has advised over 100 universities and businesses in the use of social and mobile technologies for learning, marketing, and process improvement. In her free time, Sarah sculpts, paints, knits, and creates works of geeky creativity with her 12 year old triplets.

At TEDxBloomington Sarah will return as our on-stage host.



Queen of Sheba : Salaam at TEDxBloomington

The Arabic word for “peace”, Salaam explores a cultural mosaic of music from countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Their innovative arrangements, improvisations, and compositions reflect the traditional styles of these countries as well as the band’s fresh interpretations. Their musical goal is to bring the beauty of other cultures to children and adults alike.  Each member of Salaam is well versed on many instruments, both Western and traditional, giving the group the flexibility to evoke the many colors, textures, and sounds of the Middle East.  Formed in 1993 under the direction of Dena El Saffar, Salaam has been bringing Middle Eastern culture to audiences in the U.S. in performance as well as educational settings.

Musicians of Salaam: Dena El Saffar, strings; Tim Moore, percussion; Sam Finley, guitar; Svetla Vladeva, accordion; Miguel Merino, percussion; special guest Lena Weber, flute. Salaam will be performing Queen of Sheba, Layla, The Mariachi Stole My Heart, and 21st Century Gypsy.

Flight ClubFlight-Club_150x

Aerial Art Performance: Flight Club at TEDxBloomington

Juliana Burrell is the Master Instructor and Artistic Director for Flight Club Aerial Fitness in Bloomington, Ind. Originally from Brazil, South America, Juliana has completed multiple degrees at Indiana University, joined a professional circus troupe as an aerialist, and toured nationally for 4 years. Juliana has trained and performed extensively on the flying trapeze, aerial silks, lyra, Spanish web, and much more. Her rich and diverse cultural background and insatiable interest in human relationships and emotions coalesce to inspire energetic and beautiful shows with bold music, vivid colors, and fascinating performances.

For TEDxBloomington, the Flight Club troupe will feature Juliana Burrell, Isla Weber, Laura Pence, Kristina Downs, Sue Rall, Aimee Polk, and Nicci Zautra, accompanied by Gillian Hadlock dancing and Lena Weber playing flute with Salaam.

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